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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jerome Clark

See this shite:






God, that was a good one. Filled the bucket. Sick stick Biddy……………thank you my cherub. Uuuuuuum pasta of some sort, though I don’t remember eating any, though ain’t that always the way, cucumber, bit mouldy now though, aaah the dog food from this morning etc.

Alfred, do you have any semblance of self esteem left? Anything remotely resembling pride? Does the world have enough toilet paper left to wipe the brown stuff of his nose?



  • At 7:18 PM, Anonymous SUFFERINGABDUCTEE said…

    I don't understand why Jerome Clark gets to have a nice birthday with lots of greetings and shit.

    My last birthday was spent recovering from a night of terror from the sky. They took me early - about 11:20. My wife was paralyzed next to me in bed. They switched her off.

    They came through my bedroom walls to scare the shit out of me and make the effect all the more upsetting.

    They floated me through my ceiling and my attic ceiling and all the junk that's up in the attic. My molecules felt every fucking old Easter or Christmas decoration that we keep up there. And going through wood was a living hell.

    Once I was out of the house they floated me above my neighbor's. I noticed he bought a new boat and didn't tell me. Fuck him!

    Then I'm sucked right into an ovoid shaped object that was semi-transparent.

    The bulbous-headed, bug-eyed mother fuckers started to feel me all over with their 3 claw fingers, taking particular delight in poking them up my anus.

    Then they brought out their archaic instruments and popped my eyeballs out...one at a time, so I could see. I would have been writhing in pain, but they paralyzed me.

    Then they put clamps on my manboob nipples and forced me to lactate for my 37 hybrid children,...none of them look like me. Fuck them too!

    Then they brought out a female hybrid and she made me drink something disgusting but it gave me a hard on to the point where I was dripping.

    She then threw me down and mounted me. Great, more babies on the way. Fuck her too!

    Then the bitch started to lecture me about the earth's enviornment and shit like that. Like I care after what they put me through.

    I was returned with a bang onto my bed at about 4:20 in the morning. So my birthday was a total fucking wash out.

    Fuck Jerome Clark and his happy birthday shit!

  • At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Ravioli Aliens said…

    Jerome Clarke doesn't care about us abductees. He and his mutual admiration society care only about themselves and selling their books and going to ufo conventions.

    I understand the living hell the poster shared above. I am a victim too.

    They implant me on a regular basis with tiny alien feotuses, packing in ravioli-like makeshift mini vaginas, which are attached through my colon during anal probes. After a few weeks they come for me and remove their children. I am nothing more than a stove or an incubator for them.

    This is especially upsetting to me in a profound, life altering way, because I am a man. The enforced production of estrogens during the incubatory process causes me to suffer from permanently engorged mammary glands, aereolas and nipples which protrude through my undershirts.

    Jerome Clarke does not help up. But he gets to have very happy birthdays, doesn't he...

  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger The Odd Emperor said…

    "Alfred, do you have any semblance of self esteem left? Anything remotely resembling pride? Does the world have enough toilet paper left to wipe the brown stuff of his nose"




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