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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jerry Clark is an Orang U Tan with a Lobotomy

I’m either guilty of the Lehmberg disease of ass licking or of not paying attention. I’ve either thought in the past that Jerry Clark is a Ufological god and that anything he said was filled with words of wisdom or……………I’ve just never bothered to read properly and take in what he’s actually been saying all these years. There’s one other alternative: recently he’s started to show his intellectual age and is turning into another Dick Hall. In other words, a humorless, shallow, tunnel-visioned, arrogant, ignorant reactionary. To be fair to me, it’s probably the latter.


What a knob head! What a pompous twatimus. Above all, what a profoundly stupid man, a really, really stupid man. Its not often I get to say that about anyone, because I always make allowances, but in his case I won’t as he has the intellectual range to know better.

Because this is a man who knows, and he knows what the rest of the “real” world doesn’t know, namely that the answer to everything is the ETH. And because he knows this to be right, everything else is wrong and, in the case of say cryptoterrestrials, it’s even brainless. Jerry Clark says it’s brainless, so it must be. This mind you from the man who thinks those silver discs in the sky contains living aliens. Fuckwitterry arrives early for Christmas.

Clark, you’re a fucking moron. Piss off.


  • At 12:03 AM, Anonymous BIGFOOTOLOGIST said…

    I can't adequately express how angry I am at Jerry Clark's parochial attitude! He's biased against cryptids!

    As I had revealed in Arthur's blog thread.... =

    ....I had been in the process of luring, obtaining and then possibly mating with a female bigfoot.

    I'll share some of my findings so far. Folks this has been beyond my wildest dreams!

    The lady of my life, who I admit is extremely furry, highly muscled and smells sulphuric(on a good day) beams in and out from a flying saucer!(Yes, you folks want a ufo link?...there it is and Scott Corrales and John Keel were right all along!)

    She is a gentle, sweet and helpful soul and I didn't have to go to a skanky online Phillipino dating service to find my girl, the way Art Bell did.

    She has helped me clean up under my trailer by lifting it up while I pull trash from it. She uprooted a fine douglas fir tree which we decorated for Christmas(I did the bulb and electrical stuff). When I run out of toilet paper she lovingly licks my anal area. And, there may even by a hybrid love child on the way. Yes, just as there was once an alien-human hybrid Christ Child, there may someday be an alien-BigFoot-human hybrid Child!

    Clark needs to open up his eyes and see how everyone and everything is interconnected in our wonderfully blessed universe!

  • At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Your wondrous personal story makes me believe in Christmas all over again! Bless you and your fury lady and the little BF Jr. on the way.


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