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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Hope Santa Claus Gets His Dick Stuck Up Rudolph's Ass: Fuck Christmas!

Remember the Alex Harvey band and their version of Delilah? Remember the video and the band member dressed as a mouse who would at one point hop in an exaggerated manner, in time to the music, across the stage towards the perennially drunk Alex? It was funny. And the whole charade is being played out before our eyes years later, again, as we watch Alf do the hopping dance with Kimbling.

Alfred doesn’t hate anyone anymore. He long gave up on Rimmer, who he would dog religiously at every turn. And of course Kimbling was the most disgusting individual ever to have had two feet planted on this planet. How could Kimbles even have the audacity to actually breathe, so appalling an example of the human species was he?

The hopping dance you are observing on Updates right now is the sight of Alfred making friends with Paul. Paul and Alfred. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?




But why? Is it that Alfred is growing old maybe? Has he grown up and realised there are more important things in life than whatever? Does he just not care anymore? Actually, does anyone care anymore? While it is “that time of the year” I still think the lethargy this year has not only set in early but may well be terminal.

There is no passion, there is no anger, there is nothing. We’re fucked.

You are probably watching the final death throes of Ufology.


  • At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Sir Paul Kimbling said…

    What offensive tripe you write Arthur!

    I'll have you know that I more than welcome asskissers-- even the notorious pubic-haired face Duke of Lehmberg with his Shakespearian-speak.

    Furthermore, Alfred and I are on a first name basis now that he's profusely apologized for all his trespasses against me. I ,of course, never trespassed against Alfred.

    As my friends and colleagues know, I simply don't trespass at all....well, except when I might accidentally step onto some feces in an errant privately owned cow pasture, while making my magnificent award-winning movies on cored-cow-anuses.

  • At 3:59 AM, Anonymous anonymole said…

    LOL! How can Lehmberg make nice like that? Maybe he lays on a bed of nails afterwards.


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