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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ufologically Speaking, Why the World Hates America

Albuquerque. A strange name in a strange place. In Albuquerque lives a woman called Lesley. She doesn’t get out much. She’s interested in UFOs and she does a daily blog news thing about them. One day she discovered there was something called foreigners. She was puzzled. She worked out that foreigners live somewhere else, usually not in the same country as her and they either spoke English with a funny accent or, and this was really difficult for her to get her head round, they didn’t actually speak English at all. How could that be? And, where else was there to live if you didn’t live in the USA? In the sea? In Russia with all the communists or that place called Eyerack with the tourists?

She puzzled about this and it caused her angst. And then one day there was a loud metal hitting wood kind of noise inside her head. She realized it was the sound of a penny dropping. It was like a religious revelation: There are other people in the world and they have UFOs too. Hallelujah


God preserve me please. I can’t take it any longer.


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