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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is Regan Jewish?

I dunno guys, is she?

OK I’m being sarcastic. We know she’s Jewish. Do you know how we know? She tells us like almost every day. I’m sure I exaggerate slightly but it certainly seems like that. Oiya broch! Between all her sites there can’t be a week goes by without her hoisting some headline on one of them about Judaism and Ufology or Judaism and something else.

But Regan, you were educated in a Catholic school for Christ’s sake. A broch tzu dir! A chorbn, a kappore. What are you; a maidel mit a klaidel? Enough already.

How many Jewish aliens do you know? None; they’re all Jesuits with Socialist leanings towards Parsis. You think they have shuls on Zeta? Givult!

And is Oregon really a suitable place for a naice Jewish girl to live? C’mon. I mean, all that fresh air??????? What’s with?

I’m going to be ever so helpful and wise, because I’m very good at that, and suggest you turn your attention to a more challenging pursuit; try and get another posting up on UpDates. $10 says you can’t. The last one wasn’t bad – a bit girlie because boy Ufologists don’t worry about things like that, but the feminine side of me thought you made a good point. In case anyone missed it, it appears Regan wants to investigate an old case (at the back of her wardrobe) and is worried that she might trigger some alarm bells at Homeland Security or the FBI. A good idea for not doing anything really and I almost congratulated you publicly but thought it would be a bit too patronising. I don’t mind being a little bit like that but there’s no point in treating women totally like they haven’t got a brain at all. Just a teeny weenie one, which is something Mickeymous should know about, and I’m not talking about his brain.

And now a personal insight into my own genderist sexism. I am appalled to notice that during the course of writing this significant blog entry, I haven’t said “fuck” once. And a part of me suspects that’s because I am addressing a woman. How fucking sad is that? I mean, how pathetically shit faced, fucked in the brain, dumb assed sad is that? A bit, but not too much.

I would like to thank the NSW Beth Din, Morrie the Kosher butcher and my best pal Mel Gibson for help in composing this blog entry.

And for pure unbridled anti-Semitism disguised as “European compassion” coupled with no cogniscent argument, logic, or any real awareness of historical fact, try this blog by a well known member and contributor of UFO Updates:



  • At 7:31 PM, Anonymous MELVIN GIBSONBERG said…

    Oy,....what a schmiel! Artie you are going to feel the wrath of that *paranormal*ufology*classic liberal* she-wraith! You will forever be branded ANTI-SEMITIC .....

    Yea, ain't it weird she writes about being raised Roman Catholic and going to R-C school.....Betcha Regan is about 1/16th Euro Jewry and embraced that itty bit later in life. The type of person who grabs onto a smidgeon of non-goydom because it makes her feel SPECIAL. As they say CHOSEN.....

    Now I have to get back to donating lots of money to the ADL, the JDL, the illegal Israeli Squatters from NYC and Toronto movement....oops! Um, I mean the holy Israeli Settlers movement who of course need to shoot their rifles and kill the evil Philistine kids who throw stones at God's Chosens tanks....Hey, it's about being special man......

  • At 11:08 PM, Anonymous anonymole said…

    LMMFAO!! I can't top you two.

    Poor Joe McGonagle. Wait until Mr.K discovers his blog and brings it onto one of his political blogs to bitch and moan about. Because, he so loves Jews, as long as they're more powerful than Muslims.

    Hey, but I thought Regan was Wiccan! She's got that moonwomen blog. And it's about menstruating and witches and "womyn" and reptoid sex stuff.

    But, if she is really Jewish, I wonder if she's hot like Natalie Portman, Wynona Ryder and Julianne Margolis[that last one might be Greek though].

    Or maybe she looks like Ariel Sharon.

  • At 4:39 AM, Blogger Arthur said…

    Please note, in case this isn’t clear; my post about Regan and her religion was mocking, not anti Semitic. And no gents, I’m not suggesting that what’s been posted so far is anti Semitic. But I do want to make the point that at this blog we abuse and hate individuals, not races of people.

    As for all those poor dead civilians in Lebanon, well, you’re right, it is awful isn’t it. It might have been helpful though if those nice dead people and those very helpful Hezbollah types hadn’t been so naïve as to think that Israel would be emotionally blackmailed into not retaliating against rockets fired at them from those areas. How long before the penny drops?

    Oh well.

    I was going to put up a plea to Regan to include this thread in that bit of her blog that she refers to as “My Adoring Public” but amazingly, she has beaten me to it. This lady works fast. She must be loving all of this attention and we are indeed but her puppet play things. Why, she’s probably reading this as I write it, before it’s even posted. In that case Reggie, just between you and me – give them both a squeeze from Artie.

    Anonymole – I am obliged to rap your knuckles but because it’s you, I will do it very gently. As mature, developed, adult men, we cannot be over consumed with female looks. It doesn’t matter what Regan may look like; it’s the inner person that counts. Only if she was stricken with leprosy might it be acceptable to countenance rejecting her on the grounds of the way she looked. After all, if her nose is hanging on by a few threads of skin and when you shake hands you are left holding 7 of her fingers, all from the same hand, then it might be understandably off putting. Even still, a truly nice person wouldn’t mind. Personally, when it comes to women’s looks, I can deal with pretty much anything except girls who have a penis. I know it shouldn’t be the case but I just can’t get past it. It leads to tremendous confusion when intimacy takes place.

    Oh well.

  • At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    But, if she is really Jewish, I wonder if she's hot like Natalie Portman, Wynona Ryder and Julianne Margolis

    Ein Portrait von Regan, gemalt durch ihre hand, kann hier gefunden werden, mein Freund...

    Das est gut, ja?


  • At 7:22 PM, Anonymous anonymole said…

    For the Love of God!! Regan's self-portrait is hideous!

    What little that was left of a crush is now gone.

    Arthur- I can't help but look at the female form and face. I know it's shallow of me, but as a current example there's no fucking way I could tap that she-beast.


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