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Friday, May 04, 2007

UFOs Come To Us All

It is utterly reprehensible and frankly quite nauseating to mock and ridicule a man simply because he has moved into old age and his mental faculties may not be what they once were. It is even worse when that person is Dick Hall and you recall and take into account not only his immense contribution to Ufology but also the fact that he was actually part of the story at critical moments in its development and history. Anyone that could resort to that level of behavior deserves nothing but the utmost contempt and on that basis, I am happy to announce that I think Dick Hall is totally crackers. Utterly and completely lost it and the best thing he could do is shut the fuck up and let us all remember him as the aggressive nasty little piece of work that we all loved and cherished.

This was his last posting to UpDates about the Guernsey UFO:

I think an even more pertinent question is, did the object move at all? No mention is made of any motion.

Oh it had a motion Dick, an immense one. It dropped 50 tons of alien shit right into the middle of the English Channel which caused a Sue Army which in turn resulted in the earthquake that hit Kent.

If it just "hovered" there and didn't do anything extraordinary, than I am reluctant to call it a "UFO" and am inclined to suspect a local solution, something like a tethered balloon.

I see. UFOs don’t ever hover it would seem. Unless the thing is darting around doing an impression of a demented house fly high on the effects of bleach, then it’s not a UFO. It’s a balloon. The most polite way I can describe this observation is stupid.

I'm not suggesting that as a definitive answer,

Then why the fuck did you say it, you half wit.

only an hypthesis

I thought long and hard about whether to correct the spelling mistake and in the end, I decided not to, as you can see.

that needs to be explored.

But I bet your bottom dollar you aren’t going to bother doing it, you lazy good for nothing waste of space.

Don is right;

Whoa there; two out and out indiscriminate believers all in the same posting. I’m getting giddy.

Secret military technology as a knee-jerk skeptical explanation is horse manure.

I wouldn’t knock horse shit until you’ve tried it cobber. Of all the manure that animals excrete, that’s the one that grabs my culinary interest the most.

But the pilot's size estimates obviously are guesses based on assuming various distances and even then assuming a real size.

No twat features. He stopped his plane mid-air, got out, walked through the clouds to the UFO and measured it. His statements about size are about as accurate as you can get. Happy?

There is no UFO-like performance indicated,

Oh fuck off. We’re not back with this shite again are we?

so a local explanation is a reasonable suspect.

Meaning what? Grab hold of the nearest person you can find and ask him what he thinks on the basis that he’s a local? Is that why you were such an ace investigator when you could remember your own name? God save us.


  • At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Jordan aka Katie Price said…

    I wish some aliens would come down to take back me son Harvey!

  • At 2:41 AM, Anonymous anonymole said…

    ->UFOs come to us all.
    ->God save us.

    Yes, just as death comes to us all. And God [ Yaweh, Jehovah] is not a loving, indivually involved God - he is the Chief Archon.

    I think we may be food for THEM, Arthur. Yeah, I'm saying we're fast-food for those things.

    We're fucked!

    I've had a shitfaced drunk night, excuse my desperation.

  • At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anyone hear the latest about Paul Kimball? Good for him, the prematurely bald, yet womanly-looking Kimball has come out of the closet!


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